Coupon Overview

Coupons in Freestone™ Client Administration refer to the monetary discount provided to an organization’s customers by the organization.

Coupons created in Freestone™ Client Administration are course-specific. If a coupon is added to a course, the dollar amount of the discount will be applied to any purchased product, regardless of medium.

Creating a Coupon

The following steps will assist you in creating course-specific coupons.

  1. Log in to your Freestone™ Client Administration portal using the username and password provided by Peach New Media.
  2. Open the Courses tab in the top navigation bar and select the seminar for which a coupon will be provided to customers.

Top Navigation Screenshot


  1. Navigate to the Menu pane on the left side of your screen, and select Promotion.

Picture of Menu with Promotion Highlighted


  1. Navigate to the Seminar Editor pane, and scroll down to the Coupons section. To create a new coupon, click add. This will open a window titled Create New Coupon.

Add Coupon Picture


  1. In the Create New Coupon window, complete the four (4) fields.
    1. Coupon Name is the title of the discount. This will be shown in the Coupon section of the Freestone™ Client Administration portal, and when customers enter the Coupon Code when purchasing products.
    2. Coupon Code is the code customers will enter to purchase products using the coupon. The code should be short, and cannot contain spaces. Example codes include: Coupon15, Save10, January2013, etc.
    3. Discount Amount refers to the dollar amount that will be discounted from the product when a customer uses the coupon. If a discount amount of $5.00 were to be applied to the seminar products, 5.00 would be entered into the Discount Amount box. Do not use a dollar sign ($) when entering the amount.
    4. Clicking in the Expiration box allows you to view a calendar and set the date to the day upon which the coupon expires. In this example, the coupon expires at midnight on December 31, 2014, as the coupon becomes inactive on January 1, 2015.
    5. The dropdown menu for Active pertains to a customer’s ability to use the coupon code. Selecting “Yes” allows customers to use the coupon code on purchases; “No” will deactivate the coupon. Coupons cannot be deleted, and must be marked inactive in order to ensure customers do not use the discount.


  1. When the fields in the Create New Coupon window have been completed, click the gray save button. The coupon information will be stored in the Coupon section of Promotion. Customers should be informed of available coupon codes via the organization’s marketing channel.

Managing Existing Coupons

Multiple coupons can be created for each course. Manage the existing coupons by clicking edit. This will allow you to adjust the Coupon Name, Coupon Code, Discount Amount, and the status of the coupon. Inform customers of the organization’s available discounts. This can be done through the organization’s marketing tools, such as email.

Editing Button Picture

Quick Tips

When working with coupons, remember the following:

  • Coupons may not be deleted, and must be marked as active or inactive
  • Coupon Names are visible in the Freestone™ Client Administration portal and to customers
  • The Coupon Code should be short, and may only consist of letters and numbers
  • The Discount Amount should be entered in numbers only, without a dollar sign ($)
  • Discounts are applied by course, not by product