Courses Tab Overview

Your Freestone™ Client Administration portal is separated into areas, using a top navigation bar. This overview is to help you understand the widgets in the Courses tab.

The Quick Links Widget

What it Does

The Quick Links widget allows you to access the main features available in the Courses tab. You can either create a new seminar, or visit your Storefront, or the area where your customers shop for your products.


How to Use it

By selecting the Create New Seminar link, you’ll be taken to the area where seminar information is input into your Freestone™ Client Administration repository of content.

Storefront links you directly to your content-selling site. By selecting the link, you’ll see your published courses as your customers see them.

The Seminar Overview Widget

What it Does

The Seminar Overview widget allows you to see the number of seminars published, average customer registrations per event, and total registrations of all of your events.


How to Use it

This widget will help you gain some high-level knowledge on the reach of your content. You can always run Reports to get additional information; however, this is just a quick tool to gather information from the main Courses page.

The Highest Performers Widget

What it Does

The Highest Performers widget displays your top five seminars with the highest registration numbers.


How to Use it

The widget allows you to see your most in-demand courses, as well as click on their names to access and edit the seminar in your Freestone™ Client Administration portal.

The My Seminars Widget

What it Does

The My Seminars widget is an organizational tool of all seminars you have created in Freestone™ Client Administration or have had your Account Director create in Freestone™ Administration. The widget contains a search field, and a seminar list table.


How to Use it

My Seminars allows you to filter and sort all published and unpublished seminars in your Freestone™ Client Administration portal.

To find and filter specific seminars:

  1. Login to your Freestone™ Client Administration portal and open the Courses tab.
  2. Navigate to the My Seminars widget.
  3. Begin typing the name of the seminar or words from the description in the search field. As you begin typing, the seminar list table will change. The following screenshot displays the search word, May, and the seminars with matching titles or descpriptions.


  1. To further narrow the search results, select the Add Filters button. Three additional filter fields will appear.


  1. Each time a filter is applied, the results will populate in the seminar list table.
    1. Filter By Channel allows you to view the seminars that have been assigned to specific channels, or categories.


  1. Filter By Product allows you to view seminars that have assigned products. All products in this list match the product options you have when creating a seminar in Freestone™ Client Administration.


  1. Filter By Status shows all seminars, published (purchasable) seminars, or unpublished (non-purchasable) seminars.


  1. To remove all filters and restart a search, click the Remove Filters button, located above the drop-down search filters.

To sort the seminar list table:

  1. Login to your Freestone™ Client Administration portal and open the Courses tab.
  2. Navigate to the My Seminars widget and locate the table headers along the top of the seminar list table.


  1. Single-click on any of the headers to sort the column alphabetically by title, by last update in Freestone™ Client Administration, by published or unpublished status, or by registration numbers.
  2. When scrolling over the seminar list table headers, you’ll see a small black arrow next to the Reg column. Click the arrow will provide a list of columns you may hide or have change to visible. ID is automatically hidden. This number refers to the seminar ID number used in Freestone™ Administration to maintain your content.