Order Management


The Orders feature in Freestone™ Client Administration allows greater control of content purchased by customers. An association’s learning manager can place product orders for members and non-members of the organization who have been added through the Customer Management system in Freestone™ Administration. Subscription orders, unlike product orders, may only be placed via the Subscriptions tab in  Freestone™ Client Administration. Please note, this may not be available for all users.

Orders are found under the Customers tab in Freestone™ Client Administration, and can be managed in a few short steps, outlined below.

Creating an Order

The following steps will assist you in creating customer orders.

  1. Log in to your Freestone™ Client Administration portal using the username and password provided by Peach New Media.
  2. Open the Customers tab in the top navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to the Customer Links pane on the left side of your screen, and select Create New Order.

Top Navigation Screenshot

  1. Complete the Customer Search field, using at least three (3) characters of the customer’s name or email address. Then, click the magnifying glass to search.

Add Coupon Picture

  1. A new popup window will open to inform you of your search results. Select the customer name for which to place an order.

  1. Selecting the customer closes the window, and brings you back to the information page. You will see the selected customer’s name and email as well as billing and shipping information, which may be edited from this screen. When the information has been completed, click the gray arrow on the bottom right of the screen.
  1. Clicking the arrow opens a new window for adding items. The first two fields relate solely to information, containing the customer’s name, email and current membership level. You may add membership from this page by clicking the Add Membership link.

  1. To add an item to the order, click the arrow next to Select Course, and choose the content from the dropdown menu. When you have selected the content, click the OK Button to add the content to the order.
  2. When OK has been clicked, a new window will open. Select the Product and Quantity of the order. The full price of the product will be listed, and discounts will be reflected in the cart.

  1. Any selected items will be added to the Cart. If discounts are available for members, the change will be displayed in the Price column. In this example, the customer is NOT a member of the association, therefore the price is not reduced in the cart. You may also delete an item from the order by clicking the gray X.

  1. Once these steps have been completed, click the gray arrow at the bottom right of the screen to continue.


  1. Clicking the arrow opens the Shipping Information page. You may need to adjust the settings in the Shipping Method section to meet your customers’ needs. However, programs and content hosted over the internet or downloaded by customers do not require shipping information to be completed. If the product selected requires shipping, you will see a dropdown menu (below right). Select the shipping method. Please note that standard shipping rates are used to determine the shipment cost. Click the gray arrow when you have reviewed this page.


  1. The final step is the payment and placement of the order. You will see order information as well as entry fields for payment methods, as outlined in the picture below. Review the billing and shipping information, and then complete the Payment Method​ fields. Please note the process for checks depends on your association. You can see the status of an order paid by check in the Customers tab in Freestone™ Client Administration. Once the check has been processed, the customer will receive access to the content. Some associations prefer to give immediate access to content regardless of check status. Speak with your Account Director to choose the best method for your association. 

  1. When the the Payment Method section has been completed, click Place Orderat the bottom of your screen.
    1. For credit card orders, a popup window will open telling you the Order Result. If the order is successful, the information on the order can be found in the Order List on the Customers tab of Freestone™ Client Administration. If the order fails, please follow the suggestions made in the popup. These may include reviewing shipping information, selecting a payment method, or completing a necessary field.

  1. For check orders, you will be redirected to the Customer Details page. In the upper left portion of the screen, you will see the Order pane. Click the link (process) to input a check number and allow access to the content.

Existing Orders

Orders are managed from the Customers tab in Freestone™ Client Administration. The Orders pane, shown below, allows you to search for and review previous orders by customers. To sort the information, click on the headings of the Order List. To sort orders by ID, Date, Name, Total, Payment, or Status, select one of the words along the top row of the list.

You may also search orders by customer name by using the search tool, displayed in the picture below.

Selecting a particular order (by clicking on the order ID) allows you to view the current order activity.

If the order includes a streaming product, you’ll also be able to adjust the customer’s ability to open the program from this page. Look for the Streaming Access box at the bottom of the page, then adjust the numbers in the Current Exp. field. When you click on the date, a calendar will open. This will allow you to set the date through which a program will be accessible by a customer. Click Update Days when you’ve adjusted the date.

Clicking the customer’s name under Customer Details allows you to view the customer’s contact information and order history. As seen in the below screenshot, you may add Credit Reporting Organization information,  reset the customer’s password (for non-integrated accounts only), and adjust the membership status of the customer. You’ll also be able to immediately start a new order. While a customer may be a member of another organization, you will only be able to change their current membership with your association. For associations who have multi-level membership, a dropdown menu will appear.

To delete and/or refund an order, please contact your Account Director or Peach New Media Support.

Editing Existing Subscription Orders

Some customers require additional access or tokens to continue use of their subscription orders. To manage access to a customer’s subscription:

  1. Open the Customers tab in  Freestone™ Client Administration. 

  1. Navigate to the Orders pane, and begin typing the customer name or order ID number into the field. The list of orders will change as information is found in the system.

  1. Click on the ID in the left column of the Order List to open the order.
  2. View the Item Details to ensure the order is for a Subscription Order.

  1. If the order is for a token subscription, the Edit Tokens pane will appear on the left of your screen. Type a number of tokens into the Tokens remaining field to update the tokens available for use by the customer. Setting this value to zero (0) will disable customer purchases using tokens. Press the Update button when you are ready to save your changes.

  1. If an expiration date has been assigned to the subscription, an additional pane will appear to adjust the date through which the subscription will be available. To allow a customer longer access to a program, click in the date field, and select a date from the calendar. To revoke access to a subscription, change the expiration to a date earlier in time. Press the Update button when you are ready to save your changes.

Quick Tips

When working with orders, remember the following:

  • Orders may only be placed for existing customers; to add a customer please click here
  • To delete an order, contact your Account Manager
  • Orders are created and managed under the Customers tab in Freestone™ Client Administration
  • You may add multiple items of content and product in each order
  • Many orders will not show a shipping method because they are downloaded or viewed via the internet
  • Subscription orders must be placed through a customer’s account, not through Freestone™ Client Administration