Live Event Schedule Requests


Seminars with a live component where an attendee must login at a set time are considered “live.” To request a particular date and time for a live event, use your Freestone™ Client Administration portal to send an inquiry straight to your Account Director.

Making a Request

  1. Log into your Freestone™ Client Administration portal with the username and password provided by Peach New Media.
  2. Open the Courses tab from the navigation across the top of your screen.

  1. Select the course for which a live event is to be requested, or being creating a seminar.
    1. To select an existing course, navigate to the My Seminars pane, and locate the course.

  1. To create a new seminar, click the Create New Seminar link in the top left, in the Quick Links pane.

  1. After ensuring the necessary components of the seminar are completed, navigate to the Menu pane, and click on the Live Event tab.

  1. Click within the Date field to open the calendar view. Select the date on which the seminar will be given, and the calendar will close.

  1. Click within the Time field, then select the Hour and Minute from the time selector box. The times are automatically set to Eastern, so be mindful of your time zone.

  1. Complete the Duration field by entering the time, in minutes, the event will last. For hour-long events, you would enter 60 minutes, whereas a two hour event would be 120.

  1. Any notes for your Account Director can be input into the Notes field. If you can be flexible with times, please place that information in the notes box.

  1. When done, click the Send Request button.

  1. A popup will open. Select the here link to open your Live Events Calendar.

  1. When the link is selected, the Events Calendarwill open on a new page. You can view events in calendar style, or in agenda style.
    1. Calendar View allows you to see events based on dates, and can be adjusted by day, week, or month. When any view is used, items are color coded to let you know their status. Pending are on hold with the Account Director, Confirmed are accepted and will be added to the final events calendar, and Denied events must be rescheduled due to lack of available resources. The screenshot, below, shows the calendar in month view with different live event request statuses.



  1. Agenda View allows you to see events by their status. The screenshot, below, allows you to see the list of requests by status.


Event Calendar Management

To view your events calendar, access the Dashboard tab across the top navigation, and select Scheduled Events from the Quick Links pane on the left.

To view information on a specific event request, and to see your contact for the event, click on the event title in Calendar or Agenda view. A popup will open with additional information, similar to the one seen below.