Scheduling Checkpoints through Freestone™ Presenter

Checkpoints are used to monitor attendee attention throughout a live or on-demand event. The next screenshot provides an attendee view of a checkpoint.


The following instructions provide guidance in scheduling live event checkpoints through Freestone™ Presenter.

Checkpoint Setup

To create live event checkpoints:

  1. Open the link to the Freestone™ Presenter control panel, sent by your Peach New Media Account Director.
  2. When Freestone™ Presenter opens, click the Checkpoints button along the bottom navigation bar.

  1. The Checkpoints window will open. Select Schedule Checkpoint.

  1. The New Checkpoint window will open. Select a time at which a checkpoint will appear. If your are in a time zone other than Eastern, ensure you have set the time to Eastern time. Select AM or PM, then click Add.

  1. Continue adding checkpoints in Eastern time. Added checkpoints appear in the Checkpoints window in the order in which they will be send. Edit a checkpoint by clicking the pencil icon, or delete a checkpoint by clicking the red circle icon.