Hi there. Welcome to Freestone™!

Freestone™ Learning Content Management System (LCMS), offered by Peach New Media, is your tool for taking your organization’s e-learning to the next level. Freestone™‘s flexibility allows you to manage everything from your course catalog to customers.

This site allows you to see two parts of Freestone™. First, you’ll see the Freestone™ Users information. Consider this your how-to hub. Then, you’ll find information for the tech-savvy in our Freestone™ API Users section.


Freestone™ Users

Follow the link to dig into Freestone™’s offerings for your organization’s e-learning goals.

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Freestone™ API Users

Follow the link if you’re an experienced developer who wants to know how to leverage Freestone™’s powerful features into your own applications using our API calls.

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